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This is my first mod for ME:A, or that i've uploaded to the nexus at all. I went hunting for a mod to change some of the lights on my favorite armors to blue, and there are a few recolors, but as a biotic user, none quite lined up with what I wanted. Searching through the comments on these mods I saw many of the same questions and that inspired me towards a little project. 

After much learning and experimentation, I came out with this. I am releasing this as a teaser for the main mod I will be working on! My goal is to create a modular mod which will allow you to pick and choose what color the lights and visor on your armor sets are! 

So..."What does this mod do?" 

Well this teaser mod simply recolors the armor lights and visor on the Pathfinder and Heleus Armor to better suit a biotic. It is modular in the sense that there are 2 different colored visors, with 3 opacity levels for each. Simply follow the folders that have what you want, and place that in your mod folder. As of right now, you can't get JUST the Pathfinder OR Heleus armor. It's a package deal, BUT...with the main mod which I am working on...

All the armors in the single player game will have the lights recolored, you will be able to pick and choose which armors you want to change and which you don't...and finally there WILL be multiple colors. This is very tedious and will take a while for me to organize and do. Be patient with me. Until then, biotics...or people who just love that sweet MAXIMUM OVERBLUE...enjoy.



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