Cora Liam Asari Armor Casual and Hair Replacer Mods


Chest Armor Replacer
  1. Replaces all tiers of chest pieces. (contains separate type of armors.)
  2. Asari Underarmor (Female)
  3. Cora Amor (Female)
  4. Liam Armor (Male)
  5. Peebee Armor (Female)
  6. Sloane & Reyes Outfit (Male/Female)
  7. Asari Full Armor (Female)
Underarmor Replacer *It has face switched bug.
  • Completely replaces the default underarmor in game. They're tintable and can be used with any armor.
  • Asari Underarmor (Female) 
  • NPC Underarmor (Male/Female)
  • Cora Amor (Female)
  • Senior Initiative t2 (Male)
  • Peebee Armor (Female)
  • No Collar NPC Underarmor (Male/Female)
  • Casual Outfit (Male/Female) 
Asari Full Armor N7 Replacer *It has face switched bug.
  • Replaces the N7 armor (chests, arms, legs) with Asari full armor. Also include the Asari underarmor replacer. 
Casual Replacer All Variants 
  • Replaces all the casual outfit. (contains separate files for all outfits)
  • Asari Underarmor (Female) 
  • NPC Underarmor (Male/Female)
  • Senior Initiative (Male) *Alec Jacket 
  • Cora Armor (Female)  
  • Liam Armor (Male)
  • Sloane (Female)
  • Reyes Outfit (Male)
  • No Collar NPC Underarmor (Male/Female)
Helmet Replacer
  • Replaces all tiers of helmets. (contains separate type of helmets.)
  • Liam/Cora Helmet (Male/Female)
  • Peebee Breather (Female)
Hair Replacer
  • Replaces some hairstyle with npc hairs. 
  • Cassidy Hair for Preset 4, 5, 7, 10, Default Sara (Female)
  • Lani Hair for Preset 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 (Female)
  • Cora Hair for Preset 2, 4, 5, 8 (Female)
  • Cora O Mash-ups for Preset  10 (Female)
  • Cora M Mash-ups for Preset 1-10 (Female)
  • Cora Lani Mash-ups for Preset 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 (Female)
  • Cora J Hair for Preset 1-10 (Female)



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