Dialogue Annoyances Removal


This will be a repository for various tweaks that I make to dialogue that I find problematic, I will add more as I go.
Feel free to make requests and I may or may not look into them for entirely arbitrary reasons.

Be sure to check out my Shut Up SAM mod if you haven't done so already, you'll thank me later.

Exploration Dialogue:

Removes those useless, banter interrupting comments the team makes when approaching enemy camps and structures.

Keeps the comments linked to the various tasks.

Voeld - Techiix approach:

Removes the comments when approaching Techiix on Voeld.

Rescued Angaran Scientists:

A couple of scientists that you save on Havarl end up in the main building, talking WAY too loudly, this fixes that.

HNS Broadcast Fix:

During a couple of HNS news broadcast, a Ryder quote is supposed to be played, but instead of playing a quote it just makes your Ryder talk, making you look like a weirdo. I couldn't make the line not be spoken by Ryder directly so I applied the same audio filter that's applied during the rest of the broadcast and lowered the volume a fair bit. It still is pretty weird but it sounds a lot less like your character is randomly talking to themselves.



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