Drack is Drex Mods


Drack is old school, like it's actually kinda scary since it's 2017 ( as of this upload ) that would mean he was born in the year 617... shit.

Anyway I figured since I was suddenly bogged Down with a lotta work and stuff I couldn't quite make the armour mod I wanted.
So instead I figured i'd throw you guys a mod from my personal armoury ( and this ain't no necklace of Magicka ) Oh No!, ya boi got you some ME1 Flava.

Now if ya new to this here 'MOD' thing then you may or may not know that you need the frosty mod tool to install this stuff.
You probably saw it on the way in O_o?... no? well here da link, get that.


To install the mod just extract the files and place them in your mod folder then add it to your stack.
Now that you got that (noob) i'd like to talk to you about the lord and savior jesu..

Hacket Out!



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