Female Officer Underarmor (with Casual workaround) Mods


This is a small mod that swaps default underarmor with Female Senior officer outfit (worn by Addison, Dunn or Vederia).

Currently it is impossible to use it as a casual outfit directly, because it results in weird texture / pattern rendering issues. However for some reason it works well when used as underarmor. A workaround I'm currently using is making one of casual outfits invisible, thus showing underarmor only.

- Face Swap bug:
using any underarmor replacer will cause an issue when loading a save results in replacing custom face with default Sara Ryder's morph. Using Wardrobe on Tempest or any Loadout station will fix it back to normal.

- for Female Ryder only:
I made it for personal use, as it was the only outfit missing from various replacers already on Nexus. For far more options, including male options, I'd recommend looking at great mod by Atherisz



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