Heleus Armor Casual Outfits (appearance swap) Mods

These mods replace the appearance of the Heleus armor with the Casual outfits appearance. I made them for screenarchery purposes but they are still a full armor in action.
  • Colors will be the ones you use for your casual outfit.
  • Works on both Ryder twins.
  • Works with patch 1.08.
  • Augmentations slots and mods slots remain when you craft/equip.
  • Not compatible with any other mod altering the Heleus armor.
  • When equipped the game may take longer to load.
  • Ryder may appear wearing the underwear armor, it's only a visual glitch. Choose and equip another armor in the loadout, then re-equip the Heleus armor.
Author: Neventer aka Lia Orban

Download link:


  1. Hi I can't download it? Im dying to downlaod this its such a good idea! D;

  2. is this going to be put up again? I would very much like to download <3


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