MEA Fixpack Mods


Fixes multiple quest bugs as well as some other minor annoyances.

Not much right now but I am planning to add more fixes later. Just wanted to release what I already had since I'm working on something else at the moment.

Fixes in current version:

Actor Fixes

- One of the turian colonists that show up on the Nexus after finding the Natanus had wrong materials assigned to his feet, causing them to glow.
Quest Fixes

- Remove the Heart; fixed an issue that could cause the hangar bay door to become stuck permanently closed, making it impossible to complete the quest.
- Remove the Heart; the elevator to the tower will no longer become unusable when leaving the area without deactivating the base.
- Remove the Heart; stopped the doors leading to the hangar from locking behind you after the base is cleared.
- Remove the Heart; fixed multiple issues with incorrectly timed, missing and repeating dialogue.
- Task: Running a Fever; quest can now be completed.
- Task: Naming the Dead; the dialogue prompting you to scan the body at the entrance of Site 2: Resilience will no longer repeat once you scanned it.

Texture Fixes

- fixed multiple texture seams on turian females.



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