White Light for Remnant Armor Mods


Simply changes the light of the Remnant Armor to White instead of the hideous red.

Gender Equality has been Restored... now both Males and Females can enjoy the white lights.

I have only tested it with the Remnant Armor X. But should work for every other model of the armor... in theory at least.

When researching/crafting will still show in red. In the Loadout, the armor selection will show red but the character should display it white.
In gameplay and cinematics should be white.

An honest disclaimer:
Feel free to use this mod in any way you want to. Credits is appreciated but let's be honest i don't have time to persecute you if you don't. I'm not making money out of this so i won't bother if you use it, sell it or do whatever you want to with it, without giving me credits. 



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