Andromeda Girls Band Mods


Hello everyone!

I'm glad to present you five versions of my Ryder. All of them are one of the most favorite presets for me. I tried to make them the most enjoyable to play. I hope that one of them will like you. Also, my settings are at an average level, so the skin of the usual Sarah looks strange to me, but if your settings at the maximum, then everything should look even better!

Hana - Preset 3, Anna - Preset 9, Sara - Preset 8, Moka - Preset 6, Julie - Preset 5.

I highly recommend to install these mods before the game:

Pale Skin Unlocked by BecauseBotFed

Default Sara's skin for presets by cmessaz7

Special thanks to the authors of these mods. I can't believe that such good mods started to appear so soon!
Have Fun! >3<



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